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  • What are the office policies at Natural Choice Pediatrics?
    Click here for a complete list of our Office Policies: OFFICE POLICIES
  • How do I become a NEW patient at Natural Choice Pediatrics?
    To become a new patient, please register online with our 2-step email process. 1. Go to our website and click on "new patient registration" or New Patients Can Click Here to Register. 2. Once you have completed the request, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a link embedded to complete an online HIPAA compliant registration for the patients portal and to view the registration forms and policies. If you have questions, please call our office for help. We are happy to assist you in this process at 972-324-3480.
  • Which documents do I need to facilitate an easy entry into your practice?
    Simply register as a new patient on our web page under patient center. For patients who have established relationships with previous providers, we ask that you complete our "Request for Medical Records" on our website under Patient Center/Forms, so we can retrieve a copy of your child’s records along with all lab tests and imaging studies your child has done. If you are a new patient wanting a vaccine, you will need a copy of all of your child's records to schedule your first appointment. Specifically, you MUST HAVE your child’s vaccine records before scheduling your first appointment.
  • I would like to meet the staff and/or providers prior to becoming a patient. How do I go about this?
    We have a free monthly “Meet and Greet” on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at our office. We strongly encourage new families to attend this event to obtain a face-to-face interaction with our providers. The “Meet and Greet” IS NOT the venue for you to ask in depth questions about your child's condition or treatments, but we will have a general Q & A session at the end of the evening. Please register on our web site to be added to the list for the “Meet and Greet”, as we have a limited number of spots available and we want to plan for your attendance. We look forward to meeting you! If you are seeking a more personalized discussion for your child, please contact our office to set up a “Meet and Greet” appointment during normal business hours with one of our healthcare providers. There is a $125 fee for these face-to-face visits. Please note, these appointments are subject to availability.
  • What is a Comprehensive Questionnaire and when would I need to complete one?
    You DO NOT need to complete this questionairre unless specifically instructed to do so. This is only used when scheduling comprehensive appointments. It is a form created by our practice to help parents gather their thoughts about their child's condition. This form helps answer questions the parent may not even see as relevant to their child's condition and may never have considered unless asked. You will not be able to schedule a comprehensive appointment until you have completed this questionnaire. The healthcare provider needs this information to make the best use of your appointment time. CLICK HERE FOR COMPREHENSIVE QUESTIONNAIRE
  • Can I complete registration documents when I arrive for my first appointment?
    Our preference is for you to complete the paperwork online prior to your arrival. Since it is an online process, it is sometime difficult to complete in the office as cellular service is inconsistent at times. Therefore, we encourage you to please be prepared, in advance, for your child’s appointment. If you must complete your child’s paperwork in the office, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your child’s appointment time to leave ample time for completion.
  • Should I make an appointment for my child?
    YOUR CHILD SHOULD BE SEEN IMMEDIATELY in the office or at an after-hours urgent care facility if he/she has any of the following concerns: persistent breathing problems lasting longer than a 5-10 minute period of time sudden onset of loud or noisy breathing (possibly due to swallowing an object) or sounds such as grunting or fast breathing not coupled with a fever red polka dot rashes confused or disoriented state associated with times when your child is normally awake or alert, or if your child is sleeping and you are concerned that you cannot arouse him/her easily concerns for hydration due to vomiting and diarrhea occurring at the same time or dry heaving due to repetitive vomiting Please call ahead and state exactly what is occurring before simply showing up in our office, so we may prepare for your arrival. If there are instances not listed above, please make an appointment if you feel your child needs to be seen.
  • How many appointments do you have for a provider in a day?
    Our providers see a variety of patients ranging in age, complexity and severity. Because of this, each provider’s schedule varies from day to day depending on the types of appointments they have scheduled.
  • Why can’t I book my child's appointment online?
    At Natural Choice Pediatrics, we do not book appointments online. However, you can request an appointment via the Patient Portal and await a call back from our appointment staff to schedule an appointment. In our unique practice, our goal is to hone in on the purpose for your visit. We do this in a variety of ways, most of which require specific questions posed to our parents during the booking process. Without that personal interaction, your child may not be booked in the proper time slot needed for the appointment he/she requires. Our visits vary depending on your child’s specific needs. A simple wellness issue requires a much shorter appointment than a more complex issue such as ADHD, autism, eczema and sleeping problems. Our main priority is to match your child with the best provider and most appropriate care to meet his/her needs. We strongly believe we cannot accomplish this without personal interaction between our appointment staff and our parents.
  • Why am I seeing a nurse practitioner and not a physician?
    After first completing a nursing degree, Nurse Practitioners then go through an extensive clinical program. He or she must complete a master’s or doctoral degree program. Additionally, Nurse Practitioners undergo rigorous national certification, routine peer review, clinical outcome evaluations and adhere to a code for ethical practices. Nurse Practitioners perform comprehensive and focused physical examinations and diagnose and treat common acute illnesses and injuries such as coughs and colds, gastrointestinal complaints, endocrine-related matters and much more. They also provide immunizations, manage allergies and dermatology concerns, diabetes, depression, and other chronic health problems, order and interpret diagnostic tests such as x-rays and EKGs, as well as laboratory tests, prescribe medications (including controlled substances) and therapies, perform procedures, and educate and counsel patients and their families regarding healthy lifestyles and health care options. Our Nurse Practitioners at Natural Choice Pediatrics have experience ranging from 2-15 years beyond their initial training and all have extensive experience and training in integrative healthcare. In the state of Texas, the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners allows Nurse Practitioners to own and operate their own practices. Research has shown that many parents prefer Nurse Practitioners to Physicians for many reasons. Some of which include: NPs spend more time with patients, listen more closely, provide more feedback and show more respect for patients' opinions. We strive to accomplish these goals every time we see your child.
  • Do you see teenagers or young adults in your practice?
    At Natural Choice Pediatrics, we will see your child through 21 years of age. We will also transfer the care of a child to an adult provider once his/her condition is better cared for by an adult provider.
  • Do you accept walk-in appointments?
    Walk-in appointments are not accepted, but same day appointments are available depending on the needs of your child. This policy is in place because we strive to meet the individual needs of your child through our appointment scheduling process. A simple appointment for an ear infection varies greatly from a first time visit for a child with eczema. Our appointment times vary depending on the specific needs of our patients. Because of this, we would not be able to fully meet your child’s needs, match him/her to the best appointment time and place him/her with the best possible provider in a walk-in clinic setting. Our number one priority will always be providing your child with the individualized care he/she needs.
  • What do I do if my child has a fever?
    A fever is a sign that your body is dealing with some type of infectious process, whether it is mild or very severe. The temperature DOES NOT determine the severity of the infection. The focus should be on the other symptoms your child is experiencing aside from the fever. Some of those other symptoms may include: breathing issues, poor liquid intake, unusual rashes or red dots on the skin, changes to urine appearance or smell, or just overall personality/demeanor changes. Our providers should assess a fever lasting greater than 5 days, even if there are no other symptoms and your child looks great. If you have any concerns, please make an appointment at our office or have your child seen at a pediatric urgent care or Emergency Room.
  • What can I give my child for fever?
    Peppermint Essential Oil - 2-3 drops on the soles of the feet and the spine. **Recommendation: dilute the oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil when applying to children. Peppermint Essential Oil can have a tingling sensation on a child that he/she can't explain and may cause some fussiness or crying. NOTE: wash your hands well with soap and water after each application, as the Peppermint Essential Oil can burn the eyes if accidental contact occurs. If you have any questions regarding the use of essential oils, please contact our office. Cool Baths - may also bring down fever along with ice packs on pressure points. These interventions may be more difficult to implement with younger children. Please click on the following link for dosing: TYLENOL AND MOTRIN DOSING IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF DOSING, CONTACT OUR OFFICE OR THE PROVIDER ON CALL. Motrin (Advil or ibuprofen) is a common recommendation after 6 months of age. It is more common to see an allergy to ibuprofen than to acetaminophen, so we want to caution parents when using ibuprofen for the first time. PLEASE NOTE the strength of ibuprofen you are using; the infant’s and children’s have different concentrations. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is not a common recommendation in our practice. We will use it as a last resort in infants less than 6 months old and in children depending on their response to other interventions. Please check the bottle before administering to your child.
  • What do I do if I think my child may have accidentally ingested a harmful substance?
    Call Poison Control immediately:1-800-222-1222
  • What should I do if my child has diarrhea?
    Your main concern with diarrhea is keeping your child hydrated, especially with clear liquids (Pedialyte, chamomile tea, coconut water, etc.). Avoid cow's milk dairy and fruit juices for 72 hours. Your child should be urinating at least every 6-8 hours. Diet Management: keep simple sugars to a minimum and eat protein. Follow the BRAT diet/bland foods (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, etc.). If your child has diarrhea lasting longer than two weeks, additional testing will need to be done. Parasites or other bacterial infections are rare, but are possible with longstanding diarrhea. The patient will need to be seen for an appointment in our office sooner if there is any fever > 100.4, blood in the stool or frequent vomiting coupled with the diarrhea. We also recommend the following: Multi-strain probiotics (25-50 billion CFUs per day) DigestZen or Digize to the abdomen for abdominal strain or cramping (apply 1-2 drops with coconut oil or other carrier oil to abdomen 3-4 times a day as needed) If you have any immediate concerns, please call our office to make an appointment or visit your local pediatric ER or urgent care.
  • What do I do for my child's chronic nasal drainage and/or coughing?
    Nasal drainage/coughing is one of the most common complaints in infants and toddlers. Nasal saline and suctioning your child's or infant’s nose can be very helpful in clearing nasal secretions. You may also use previously prescribed or recommended cough/cold remedies as directed. If symptoms are ongoing or you have any concerns, please make an appointment and have your child evaluated. If your child is having ANY breathing difficulties, call our office to schedule an appointment or take him/her to the Emergency Room or urgent care immediately.
  • Why does your practice sometimes recommend essential oils?
    After much research, our office feels that in APPROPRIATE situations, essential oils may have a much higher benefit to supporting the body’s ability to heal than the use of over-the-counter medications, and even in some instances, prescriptions. Most medications contain synthetic or inert ingredients that have no value to the body and are actually considered waste that the body must rid. When you have a child whose genetic makeup does not allow his/her body to rid medications effectively, these inert or synthetic ingredients can have negative impacts on his/her health. In these instances, the essential oils can provide non-synthetic, natural agents that actually provide fuel and energy to support healing and wellness. Just as with medications, in some instances, a patient may exhibit a contact irritation with the skin when using essential oils. However, use of essential oils in the manner we recommend typically does not cause any unwarranted side effects. If you decide to use essential oils in a manner in which we have not recommended, side effects or other problems may occur. There is significant research regarding the benefits of pure, pharmaceutical grade, essential oils.
  • What do I do for my child who is teething?
    Over-the-counter homeopathic teething remedies, amber teething anklets/necklaces, Motrin (ibuprofen) as needed over the age of six months, cold teething rings and Clove essential oil (DILUTED, please discuss brands with us before using) are all common remedies to alleviate teething symptoms.
  • What do I do for my child who is constipated?
    For chronic, ongoing constipation lasting more than two weeks, please make an appointment and we will discuss with you in the office. If it is an issue that began in the past week, and there is NO VOMITING, you may call our nurse’s line and leave a message for a recommendation. Oftentimes, constipation is a dietary related issue. Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss in person.
  • What is your practice’s opinion on breastfeeding?
    We feel that nursing is one of the most critical aspects of the first year of life. We will do everything we can to motivate and assist our mothers to be successful at nursing. We will ensure that, before making any recommendations about supplementation with formula or donor breast milk, we assess the child’s weight and hydration status. Some initial weight loss is common in newborns, and our office does not become anxious when this occurs. We will need your infant to be seen more frequently, and possibly have you work with a lactation consultant to ensure the infant is getting his/her nutritional needs met. In some cases, infants have diseases or health concerns that do not allow them to nurse successfully. We can help guide you through this as well. We support whatever choice you make when deciding to breastfeed, formula feed or use donor milk for your child. Our focus is your child’s health. As long as he or she is thriving, everyone wins.
  • What is your practice’s stance on formula?
    Our goal is to keep your life simple as a parent with an infant. For a variety of reasons, nursing may not be an option for some mothers. Therefore, it is understandable that, in certain situations, formula is necessary. We want your child to thrive, and we will assist you in choosing the best formula for your infant. If you have questions about formulas for your infant and are a current patient of our practice, please make an appointment to discuss with one of our providers.
  • What is the proper Benadryl dosing for my child?
    Please click on the following link for dosing: BENADRYL DOSING
  • What if my child needs hospital care for his/her illness?
    We encourage families to utilize the Children's Medical Center Dallas and Plano campuses, Medical City Dallas or Frisco and Cooks in Prosper or Cooks in Fort Worth . These facilities specialize in children and the complexities of their healthcare needs. These hospitals are great at keeping us up to date on the plan of care they are administering for your child.
  • What do I do when my child is in need of emergent care?
    If your child needs emergency care, call 911. They will take your child to the nearest Emergency Room to stabilize him/her and then will likely transfer your child to a pediatric specialty hospital.
  • What are the procedures for delivery at a local hospital and/or a birthing center?
    If you are delivering at a local hospital, your newborn will see the pediatrician on call for the hospital at that time. Then you will need to make a newborn appointment at our office following discharge according to what the discharge paperwork instructs. If you are utilizing a birthing center or midwife for delivery, schedule an appointment to be seen in our office after the midwife has discharged you from his/her care. For example, some midwives will see newborns for up to two weeks after delivery, then you will schedule a one-month wellness check in our office. Other midwives will see newborns for up to six weeks after delivery, then you will schedule a two-month wellness check in our office. Note: You are always free to schedule a newborn wellness check with us at any time, if you prefer, regardless of ongoing care with other healthcare providers.
  • How do I view lab results and vaccine records for my child?
    There are two places to view lab results. Quest, LabCorp and CPL results will be viewed in one section of the portal, and specialty labs will be viewed in another section of the portal. Quest, LabCorp, CPL: Login to your Patient Portal using your username and password. In the top center of the page, click Review Medical Record. On the left side of the screen, click Orders. When that opens, you will see four tabs along the top. Choose the tab labeled Lab. Once you find the lab you are searching for, click Results on the right side under Action. If you would like to Print this page, click Print Page at the top right of your screen. Specialty Labs: Login to your Patient Portal using your username and password. In the top center of the page, click Review Medical Record. On the left side of the screen, click the Documents tab. Then click Patient Documents. Once you find the lab you are searching for, click View on the right side under Action. Your document will open in another window and allow you to Print from there. How do I view vaccine records for my child? Login to your Patient Portal using your username and password. In the top center of the page, click Review Medical Record. On the left side of the screen, click Immunizations. If you would like to Print this page, click Print Page at the top right of your screen. Note: If your child received vaccines at a different office and those vaccines are not part of the NCP record, you may also check the Documents section of the Patient Portal. Many times previous vaccine records are uploaded into this section. If you are still unable to find your child’s vaccine records, please call our office for assistance.
  • Which medications have been prescribed for my child?
    In the Medications section of the Patient Portal, you will find a list of prescription medications for your child. These medications are those that have been prescribed for your child and sent to a pharmacy. Any herbal remedies, homeopathics, nutritional supplements or other natural remedies will be documented in the Encounter notes found in the Office Visits section of the Patient Portal. Prescription Medications: Login to your Patient Portal using your username and password. In the top center of the page, click Review Medical Record. On the left side of the screen, click Medications. For more information on the medication, click RX Info under Action on the right side of the screen. If you would like to Print this page, click Print Page at the top right of your screen. Natural Remedies/Homeopathics: Login to your Patient Portal using your username and password. In the top center of the page, click Review Medical Record. On the left side of the screen, click Office Visits. Choose the date of the Office Visit you would like to view, then click the word View under the Encounter Note column. If you would like to Print this page, click Print Version at the bottom right of your screen. Then click Control P to Print.
  • When is my child's next appointment?
    Login to your Patient Portal using your username and password. In the top center of the page, click Review Medical Record. On the left side of the screen, click Patient Appointments. Then click Upcoming Appointments. If you would like to Print this page, click Print Page at the top right of your screen.
  • What is your after-hours policy and urgent care referral locations?
    Urgent healthcare matters can be handled by one of the several pediatric urgent care centers in the metroplex. Please note that you always have the ability to contact an NCP healthcare provider after hours for advice. We may have different recommendations from urgent care centers regarding non-critical care as we are an integrative pediatric practice. Phone calls after office hours will incur a $45 charge. Phone calls related to ongoing care from that day’s visit may not be assessed a charge. Should you have concerns about the advice given or the assessment, please contact an NCP provider at (972) 324-3480 to address those concerns.
  • Is there a charge or fee for contacting our office during normal business hours for health-related matters?
    If your questions are answered completely by our medical technicians, then there will be no charge. If a provider must be contacted due to the complexity, amount of information necessary, need for picture examination or consults to a specialist, you may be charged a fee. However, if the provider decides that your child must be seen in the office, then that fee would not be assessed.
  • What do I do if I have a question regarding my billing or payments?
    If you have insurance, please have your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) AND your invoice prior to calling our office. Your EOB will help to better explain what your insurance has covered, and which deductibles or expenses are your responsibility. It will also explain which fees may be written off by your insurance plan as well as covered and non-covered benefits. For non-covered benefits, our office will do our best to alert you to the trends we have seen with regards to insurance plans, but our office is NOT RESPONSIBLE for notifying you of which benefits are covered/non-covered by your specific insurance plan. If there is a test or procedure recommended for your child and you would like to gather pricing information from your insurance, please feel free to do so PRIOR to having the test done. We will notify you if we feel that a test or procedure is necessary or urgent and cannot be postponed. If there are any discrepancies between your EOB and your outstanding balance with NCP, please contact us at (972) 324-3480 for further explanation or resolution of the matter.
  • Can my child be seen at NCP if we do not have insurance or if we have Medicaid?
    WE ARE NOT CONTRACTED WITH CHIP, MEDICAID, OR AMERIGROUP. We treat many families in our practice that are without insurance coverage. If your insurance plan is not in our network or if you are a self-pay patient, we have a fee schedule that is reasonably priced and affordable for most families. Lab Testing (including specialty labs) will incur additional fees. For any specialty labs, we will ensure you are aware of the pricing prior to drawing blood or collecting specimens.
  • How does your practice handle referrals?
    Please allow up to 72 hours for referrals to be completed. For most referrals, we will need your specialist's full name as it appears on your insurance plan, along with their address, phone number and fax number. If you require a referral for Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapy, most therapists will send us an order form requesting a signature from our provider and other necessary medical information. Please do not call or leave a message if the request has already been sent by your therapist. For referrals to specialists, your child will need to be seen by one of our providers for this specific condition. If our providers have not seen your child for this condition or you have been asked by a provider to be seen for the referral to be made, call our office and make an appointment specifically mentioning your need for a referral appointment. If it is a condition we have seen your child for and the condition is not improving or you are looking for another opinion, we will gladly send a referral for you.
  • Which insurance plans are accepted by Natural Choice Pediatrics?
    For a list of accepted insurance plans, please click here: ACCEPTED INSURANCES BY NCP
  • What is the procedure for completing a school form for my child?
    Complete all sections of the school form pertaining to your child's demographic information and anything else that is the parent's responsibility to complete. Then, scan the form and email it to Once we receive your form, we will complete it and place it on your Patient Portal within 3-5 business days.
  • How much will I pay for vaccines if I do not have insurance?
    If you do not have insurance and want your child to receive vaccines, please inform us and we can recommend certain vaccines along with their pricing. We carefully select the vaccines that have the least amount of aluminum and other inert ingredients when possible. If you decide to go elsewhere for vaccines due to cost, you may not be able to receive the same type of vaccine that we provide in our office. We also work closely with some pharmacies in the area that can provide vaccines at a discounted rate. You may also visit your local health department to obtain traditional vaccines for your child. If you have further questions on specific vaccine prices , please call our office or speak with your provider during your visit.
  • Where can I find the CDC Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)?
    Check out this link for further information on each immunization.
  • Where can I obtain a Texas vaccine exemption waiver/affidavit?
    Click link below to request a vaccine affidavite from the state of Texas.

NOTIFICATION: The responses to these frequently asked questions are only general recommendations and are intended solely for patients of Natural Choice Pediatrics PLLC. They should not be used as a substitute for consulting your own healthcare provider.

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