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Top Pediatric Chiropractor & Wellness Centers of North Texas

Our Recommended Clinics

Breakaway Chiropractic & Wellness

We are your high energy, dedicated expert team of professionals ready to serve your healthcare needs in the most holistic way possible. Give us a chance to show you how we can help you BREAKAWAY from your obstacles and strive towards your best everyday.

Chalmers Wellness

6988 Lebanon Rd #101
Frisco, TX 75034

(214) 446-5300

Chalmers Wellness is a holistic family chiropractic and natural nutrition facility located in Frisco TX. Chalmers Wellness is your one-stop clinic for chiropractic, spinal decompression (for disc pain), as well as nutritional supplementation for your dietary needs. Dr. Chalmers is very proud to be one of the very few chiropractors to be certified to work on the pain caused by slipped and herniated disc using spinal disc decompression. Dr. Chalmers is also a certified Chiropractic Clinical Neurologist which is very important for any chiropractor to have, when working on the spine, muscles, and nerves, of you and your loved ones.

 Inwood Chiropractic and Wellness Center

5310 Harvest Hill Rd Suite 135,

Dallas, TX 75230


Inwood Chiropractic Center is a skilled and knowledgeable chiropractic office ready to help you achieve a pain-free, healthy lifestyle. Our highly trained staff works closely with our doctors to provide you with a professional and friendly experience. At Inwood Chiropractic Center, we view our patients as part of our family.

Forever Young Chiropractic

4305 Windsor Centre Trail, Ste 100
Flower Mound, TX 75028

(469) 444-3220

Forever Young was created with a vision of passion for the amazing things the body can do starting from birth all the way to adulthood. In this office you will always find a cheerful and positive attitude from the doctors and staff. Chiropractic care can allow your child’s unique potential to shine through. With many developmental milestones happening, it is important that their growing bodies are functioning at 100%. By optimizing the body’s abilities for health, kids can experience a strengthened immune system, less ear infections, better digestion, less asthma and allergies, improved behavioral issues and better mood and sleep.

Parkwood Family Chiropractic

8380 Warren Parkway Suite 601

Frisco, TX 75034

(972) 437-8040

We believe that a comprehensive and whole-body approach to helping and caring for patients is the best approach. We aim to improve quality of life by offering natural, non-drug, non-surgical solutions to many health conditions. Our approach is focused on whole-body wellness, treating the cause, rather than simply masking symptoms. At Parkwood Family Chiropractic we treat and care for patients using an approach called Corrective Care Chiropractic. Corrective Care Chiropractic focuses on correcting the root cause of health issues, not just treating symptoms. Whenever there is a health issue or symptom, there must be a root cause. Our practice utilizes many different types of treatment and therapy based on what will help us achieve the best results for your specific health concern and goals.

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