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  • Rebecca Greco CPNP

Back To School Immune Support

Build Your Child’s Immune System for a Healthier Future

Every parent who has had a child in daycare, preschool, mother’s day out or even grade school has experienced the dreaded first year. I’m certain you know what I'm referencing: Illness after illness after illness. These repeated illnesses are inevitable that first year, however they are necessary. Parents routinely ask us if they should remove their child from school for frequent illnesses. The reality is this first year of germs and exposure is going to happen whenever and wherever they have this level of contact, whether it be now or three years from now. Since illness is inevitable, it is important to boost your child’s immune system during this time rather than reduce exposure. Boosting your child’s immune system won’t necessarily prevent illness, but it will ideally lessen the severity and duration of symptoms when illness occurs.

There are a variety of supplements we recommend at Natural Choice Pediatrics to help boost your child’s immune system, including briar rose, vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, elderberry and probiotics. Taking homeopathic Silicea weekly, further helps to prevent recurrent illness. Dietary considerations may also elicit a significant difference in your child’s overall health during that first year in childcare. Integrative care offers endless combinations and possibilities for caring for your child when he/she inevitably contracts an illness. We frequently recommend a combination of essential oils and homeopathies to alleviate symptoms and shorten the duration and severity of an illness. Our overall goal at Natural Choice Pediatrics is to avoid antibiotics and steroids if possible.

Talk to your child’s healthcare provider for specific recommendations for your family.

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