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Natural Awakenings published interview with Natural Choice Pediatrics.

Natural Choice Pediatrics Provides Holistic Solutions for Parents Dec 30, 2020 09:30AM ● By Sheila Julson

Natural Choice Pediatrics, an integrative, holistic-based pediatric care practice, is the brainchild of Christie Potter. She is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) and a master’s-prepared primary care nurse practitioner (PCNP) who developed an interest in integrative pediatrics in 2008 after she had the opportunity to work with California-based holistic physician Dr. Lauren Feder. After Potter saw how integrative approaches continuously led to strong outcomes and happier, healthier children, she committed to exclusively working in integrative pediatrics until she launched her own clinic. When fellow practitioners Becca Greco and Annalise Clayborne heard about Potter’s venture, they wanted in. Both Potter, who was raised in Oklahoma and moved to Dallas as an adult, and Greco, from upstate New York, held longtime passions of caring for children. They frequently babysat and served as nannies during their teen years. When they later became mothers, they saw how incorporating holistic lifestyles into their own homes had kept their children well without the need for medications or invasive procedures.

Today, Practitioners Christie Potter, Rebecca Greco, and Annalise Clayborne, provide well child checkups, newborn checkups, same-day sick appointments, telehealth visits and a 24-hour advice hotline manned by an on-call practitioner. All three are certified in clinical homeopathy through the Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy. Potter sees a growing demand for natural and integrative health care. “We see a lot of people who want more education, guidance and direction,” she says. “Our main philosophy is being a patient, parent and family-focused practice. We want to give parents options and respect their choices in their child’s care.” The Natural Choice Pediatrics staff guides and educates parents, but still meets them where they are, which Greco says benefits not just the child, but the whole family. “Most people want to be educated and have the resources to make the best decisions for their families. We want to be that resource and answer their questions,” she emphasizes. Potter sees a lot of parents that want to prevent chronic illnesses. “Some parents have a history of chronic illness, so they want to prevent it in their children,” she explains. “All three of us have certificates in clinical homeopathy, so we can utilize homeopathic medicines which are extremely safe for kids. We start with a conservative approach, rather than prescribing antibiotics right away. An alternative method can often avoid lots of medications, but we can still go that route if we need to.” Integrative approaches marry traditional and natural remedies, Potter explains. She begins by determining the root cause of an ailment. “We try to figure out why a child has eczema—is it because they have an allergy to dairy or a reaction to a new pet in the household? By determining the root cause, we can treat the whole body holistically and likely prevent the child from having a skin problem later in life.” Potter and Greco concur that Natural Choice Pediatrics has grown exponentially since our opening. “We see quite a few families that drive long distances in Texas from cities as far as El Paso. We feel really humbled by that,” Potter says. “We’re thankful and feel blessed by the people that trust us to care for their children.”

Greco stays inspired by seeing the positive outcomes that are achieved by integrative methods. “Giving families the tools to help keep their kids well naturally is very rewarding,” she says. “The kids crack me up—they are so much fun,” Potter enthuses. “I’ve seen my patients grow up and go off to college, each one content and healthy. We want to make a difference in the field of integrative health care and change lives, and we have the opportunity to do that in our setting.”

Natural Choice Pediatrics is located at 3535 Victory Group Way, Ste. 305, in Frisco. For more information, call 972-324-3480 or visit

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