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Goat Milk? A Real Practitioner Story: A Kabrita Spotlight

A Real Practitioner Story spotlighting: Christie Potter, CPNP

Healthcare providers across the USA are recommending Kabrita Goat Milk Formula in cases of digestive issues, eczema and as a gentle cow milk alternative. Real Practitioner Stories highlights trailblazers and leaders in their fields and how they use Kabrita to improve patient outcomes and build trust within the provider-parent relationship.

Click on photo to read the posted story on Kabrita's website about Christie Potter, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner and clinic owner, and how she uses Kabrita in her integrative pediatric clinic

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and have been practicing for over 15 years. I use both conventional and integrative practices to help children thrive and ultimately prevent long-term illness. I am the founder of an integrative pediatric clinic, Natural Choice Pediatrics, in Frisco, Texas, where I work with a wonderful team. I am also a wife and the proud mother of my sweet 2-year-old girl.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I absolutely love interacting with kids on a daily basis. I’m a kid at heart; so working with them is my escape from “adulting”. They crack me up!

What skills have you developed to become a successful practitioner?

While I began practicing in conventional healthcare, studying integrative healthcare and nutrition has been infinitely beneficial in improving long-term patient outcomes. Finding mentors I trust in this realm has been pivotal for me as a practitioner, as well as always being in “learning mode”. I’m also a jokester, which makes connecting with kids much easier! ☺

If you could go back in time to when you began practicing and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Enjoy the journey and stay calm. You will meet so many amazing patients and practitioners, so learn from each one and be grateful for them.

What do you value about Kabrita Goat Milk Formula?

I love having a formula that’s easier to digest than all the other cow milk formulas, with clean, high-quality ingredients from a company I trust. Being a female entrepreneur myself, I also love that Kabrita USA is women-run and lead by moms.

How do you use Kabrita in your practice?

Kabrita is often my first choice for supplementing when a breastfeeding mom needs to go back to work or isn’t producing enough breastmilk, due to the ease of digestion and quality ingredients. I also recommend Kabrita in patients with symptoms associated with cow milk consumption such as eczema, diarrhea, constipation, and constant nasal congestion.

How do patients generally respond to Kabrita?

For patients with eczema, switching from a cow milk formula to Kabrita often clears skin up within about 2-3 weeks. As a side benefit, babies often sleep better and are generally happier, which noticeably improves the family dynamic, too.

What feedback do you get from parents after recommending Kabrita?

I work with highly educated and involved parents who greatly value nutrition, so they are always incredibly grateful to be given the recommendation of a clean formula that’s easy on their baby’s digestion. Parents are also thrilled when their baby tolerates Kabrita so well and helps with skin and digestive symptoms.

If you weren't a healthcare provider, what would you be?

I love food and wine, so being a traveling food critic would be a dream.

To learn more about Natural Choice Pediatrics, visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

*Goat milk products are not recommended in cases of cow milk protein allergy

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