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Recurring Ear Infections: One Mom's Struggle and Triumph

Kaleb is a 13-year-old boy who is a current patient at Natural Choice Pediatrics. He struggled with chronic ear infections starting around six months of age.

The family was new to Texas at the

time and hadn’t found a pediatrician they liked, so they bounced from one to another with no success.

With each new pediatrician and new ear infection, Kaleb was prescribed more antibiotics. The antibiotics cleared the ear infections, but the infections kept recurring. It clearly was no cure; it was simply a temporary fix. Additionally, with each new diagnosis, there was discussion of tube surgery for Kaleb.

After further searching, the family found Natural Choice Pediatrics. The practitioner offered a unique recommendation, garlic oil ear drops. They suggested the use of garlic ear drops at the onset of an ear infection. Mom had never heard of this remedy, but liked that it was natural and she was willing to give it a try. Mom reported noticing results after a few days of using the drops. It completely cleared up that first ear infection and every one after that. Now when Mom suspects an ear infection in any of her kids, she begins the drops a few times a day and the issue always resolves.

Mom shared, “I am happy to say that my first son (since using the garlic ear drops), nor any of my next seven children, have ever used an antibiotic to treat an ear infection! Garlic drops are simply amazing. I literally tell every mom I know.”

Kaleb’s mom wanted to offer one final word of advice to help other parents who find themselves battling recurring ear infections. She shared, “I’d like people to know that natural and homeopathic remedies do work, but they may take a little more effort than “traditional” medications. Putting garlic drops in your kids’ ears three times a day may seem like a pain compared to giving an antibiotic, but I must say that the health benefits of using natural remedies outweighs the extra effort. I’d definitely recommend (and do!) garlic ear drops and other natural remedies. I want to help support my kids’ natural immune systems instead of wiping out all the good bacteria (and bad) with antibiotics or surgery.”

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